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The Largest Investment in Conservation Since
the Dust Bowl

Protect Ag Conservation is a coalition of 644 businesses, farms and groups, dedicated to empowering American agriculture to lead on climate.

Congress made a promise to America's farmers, ranchers, sportsmen and ag-centered businesses.

Last year, we fought to secure $20 billion in funding for extremely effective and popular Farm Bill Conservation Programs. Now, we’re going to bat to protect that hard-fought funding for climate-smart ag and to ensure that it is included in the 2023 Farm Bill. Our supporters have distinct perspectives from across the country and compelling stories to tell about the need for these transformative investments. 

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Conervation Programs

Conservation Programs

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Environmental Quality Incentives Program
Through the Environmental Quality Incentives Program, the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) works one-on-one with agricultural producers to deliver financial and technical assistance and develop a plan that includes conservation practices and activities to help solve on-farm resource issues.

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Regional Conservation Partnership Program
The Regional Conservation Partnership Program partners with producers, landowners and communities to fund solutions to natural resource challenges. Read about some of the 2022 projects here.

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Conservation Stewardship Program
Through the Conservation Stewardship Program, NRCS works with producers and landowners to outline and enhance existing efforts to improve the condition of their land.

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Agricultural Conservation Easement Program
The Agricultural Conservation Easement Program has two components. The first, Agricultural Land Easements, works with stakeholders to limit non-agricultural uses of croplands and grasslands through easements. The second, Wetland Reserve Easements, works with private and tribal landowners to protect, restore and enhance wetlands which have been previously degraded due to agricultural uses.

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Conservation Technical Assistance Program
The Conservation Technical Assistance program provides farmers, ranchers and forestland owners with personalized advices, resources and information to help them conserve, maintain, and restore natural resources on their land.

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Carbon Sequestration and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Quantification
These USDA and Farm Service Agency initiatives will help quantify the climate impact of Conservation Reserve Program contracts and adjust the program to improve climate outcomes.

Op Eds

Op Eds

In Support From
Around the Country

"For both New Jersey and the country, agriculture is an indispensable provider of food and jobs, and an important part of the culture in many rural communities. It also contributes 10% of the greenhouse gas emissions released by the United States. These emissions are themselves exacerbating the climate crises underway."

"Congress has an opportunity to make the largest investment in conservation since the Dust Bowl. Delivering necessary funding to these conservation programs is a viable pathway to addressing climate change while supporting farmers, landowners, and rural communities."



Farm Bill conservation programs promote and enable have real on-the-ground benefits for farmers, landowners and the environment.


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Read and download our Digital Toolkit here.

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